ArtMonitor vill bryta tystnaden kring konstnärlig forskning. Konstnärlig forskning, som har etablerat sig i Sverige under de senaste 10 åren, behöver en tidskift. Konstnärliga fakulteten vid Göteborgs universitet, vill skapa denna arena för diskussion, reflektion och fördjupning.

The journal ArtMonitor aims to break a silence. Artistic research, established in Sweden as an academic activity during the last ten years, needs its own periodical. The Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts of the Gothenburg University has set this as its aim and here is the result: a journal for documentation, reflection and dialogue on the ardent theme of artistic research. ArtMonitor is published in English, and sometimes in bilingual Swedish/English editions.

ArtMonitor gavs ut av Konstnärliga fakulteten vid Göteborgs universitet mellan åren 2007-2013.

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