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Robotic Surgery for Endometrial Cancer

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Title: Robotic Surgery for Endometrial Cancer
Authors: Lindfors, Anna
Issue Date: 16-Apr-2021
University: University of Gothenburg. Sahlgrenska Academy
Institution: Institute of Clinical Sciences. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Parts of work: I. Eklind S, Lindfors A, Sjöli P, Dahm-Kähler P. A prospective, comparative study on robotic versus open-surgery hysterectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy for endometrial carcinoma. Int J Gynecol Cancer 2015, Feb;25(2):250-6.

II. Lindfors A, Åkesson Å, Staf C, Sjöli P, Sundfeldt K, Dahm-Kähler P. Robotic vs Open Surgery for Endometrial Cancer in Elderly Patients: Surgical Outcome, Survival, and Cost Analysis. Int J Gynecol Cancer. 2018 May;28(4):692- 699.

III. Lindfors A, Heshar H, Adok C, Sundfeldt K, Dahm-Kähler P. Long-term survival in obese patients after robotic or open surgery for endometrial cancer. Gynecol Oncol. 2020 Sep;158(3):673-680.

IV. Lindfors A, Järvholm S, Dahm-Kähler P. Health-Related Quality of Life after Robotic Surgery for Endometrial Cancer – a Prospective Longitudinal Follow-up. Submitted
Date of Defence: 2021-05-07
Disputation: Fredagen 7 maj 2021, kl 9.00, Hälsovetarbacken sal 2119, Arvid Wallgrens backe, Göteborg
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine)
Publication type: Doctoral thesis
Keywords: endometrial cancer
robotic surgery
health-related quality of life
Abstract: Endometrial cancer (EC) is the most common gynecological malignancy. A large proportion of patients present with the risk factors high age and obesity, which puts them at increased risk when undergoing surgery. The last decades, robotic surgery has become the preferred method of treating EC in many settings, instead of open surgery that was the traditional method. We aimed to investigate robotic surgery in women with EC with regard to surgical outcomes, costs, survival, and health-related qualit... more
ISBN: 978-91-8009-285-2 (PDF)
978-91-8009-284-5 (PRINT)
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