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Painting Treatments of Weather-Exposed Ferrous Heritage. Exploration of Oil Varnish Paints and Painting Skills

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Title: Painting Treatments of Weather-Exposed Ferrous Heritage. Exploration of Oil Varnish Paints and Painting Skills
Authors: Källbom, Arja
Issue Date: 15-Oct-2021
University: Göteborgs universitet. Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten
Institution: Department of Conservation ; Institutionen för kulturvård
Parts of work: Paper I: Källbom, A., and Almevik, G. (2020). Maintenance of Painted Steel Sheet Roofs on Historic Buildings in Sweden. International Journal of Architectural Heritage, 14(9). pp. 1-16.

Paper II: Källbom, A (2021): The Concept of Anticorrosive Aluminium-Pigmented Armour Paint, for Sustainable Maintenance of Ferrous Heritage. International Journal of Architectural Heritage, 14(10). pp. 1–19.

Paper III: Källbom, A., Izzo, F., & Nevin, A. (2021). Multi-analytical Assessment of Armour Paints: The Ageing Characteristics of Historic Drying Oil Varnish Paints for Protection of Steel and Iron Surfaces in Sweden. Heritage, 4(3). pp. 1141–1164.

Paper IV: Izzo, F. C., Källbom, A., & Nevin, A. (2021). Multi-analytical Assessment of Bodied Drying Oil Varnishes and their use as binders in Armour Paints. Heritage, 4 (4). Pp. 3402-3420;

Paper V: Källbom, A. (2020). Using profiling methods to develop the sensory vocabulary of architectural painters who use linseed oils. Book chapter in Anthology Craft + Science. Gothenburg: Kriterium, Acta Univeristatis Gothoburgensis. In press.

Paper VI: Källbom, A, Nilsen, A., & Örstrom, Å. (2018). Olfactory description for refined linseed oils for paints: Characterization for reconstructing material and craft skills in paintmaking. Journal of Sensory Studies, 34(2), pp.1–10.

Date of Defence: 2021-11-16
Disputation: Tisdagen den 16 november 2021, kl 13.00. Hörsalen. Institutionen för Kulturvård. Guldhedsgatan 5c.
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
Publication type: Doctoral thesis
Series/Report no.: Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis
Keywords: Armour paints, linseed oil, linseed varnish, tung oil, oil varnishes, stand oil, aluminium pigments, micaceous iron oxide, leafing, anticorrosive, maintenance, management, heritage painting, painting craft, painting skills, practice, parlance, vocabulary, working procedures, sensory quality assessments, paint ageing, quality control, weather-exposure, atmospheric exposure, durability, sustainability.
Pansarfärg, linoljefernissa, linolja, tungolja, standolja, aluminiumpigment, järnglans, järnglimmer, rostskyddsfärg, väderprovning, förvaltning, underhåll, hantverksskicklighet, målerihantverk, arbetsbeskrivningar, språkbruk, uppmärksamhet i handling, kvalitetsbedömning, sinnliga bedömningar, hållbarhet
Abstract: This thesis is about industrial heritage—the protection of ferrous heritage by using anticorrosive oil varnish paints. The purpose of this thesis in Kulturvård and craft research is to provide guidelines, tools, concepts, and models that may be used in anticorrosive oil varnish painting maintenance of ferrous heritage. This is needed in in order to improve maintenance interventions and working descriptions. The methodology is a holistic, multiple methods approach; involving methods that collect ... more
ISBN: 978-91-7963-084-3 (printed)
978-91-7963-084-3 (pdf)
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Doctoral Theses / Doktorsavhandlingar Institutionen för kulturvård



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