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Predictive Control for Autonomous Articulated Vehicles

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Title: Predictive Control for Autonomous Articulated Vehicles
Authors: Sandblom, Fanny Andrén, Nils Gil Martin, Alicia Hoogendijk, Kevin Niklasson, Lars Slottner Seholm, Filip
Issue Date: 10-Aug-2017
Degree: Student essay
Keywords: Automation, Automated Control, Path planning, Articulated vehicles,Autonomous vehicles, PID Controller
Abstract: Autonomous driving is a highly topical research area, where signi cant positive impacts on safety and environment can be made, especially in the trucking industry. The vehicles in this industry often consist of a tractor unit combined with a trailer. This project focuses on navigating a model semi-trailer truck through an urbanlike environment. A number of challenges arise from these settings, such as path planning and control through sharp turns and crossings, combined with obstacle avoid... more
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