Recent Submissions

  • Understanding, Implementing, and Supporting Security Assurance Cases in Safety-Critical Domains 

    Mohamad, Mazen (2023-05-25)
    The increasing demand for connectivity in safety-critical domains has made security assurance a crucial consideration. In safety-critical industry, software, and connectivity have become integral to meeting market expectations. ...
  • The Role of Discretion from the Perspective of Social Work Professionalism and Automated Decision Making 

    Svensson, Lupita; Ranerup, Agneta (2022)
    This article addresses the gap in knowledge about how new digital technology affects decision making and social caseworkers’ professionalism. The aim is to enhance the understanding of how digital discretion—as a result ...
  • Frame Shifting and Frame Blending in Digital Transformation 

    Ivarsson, Frida (2023-05-04)
    As organizations embrace digital technologies in new ways, they experience a process known as digital transformation. This process is not just about technological changes – digital transformation also involves ...
  • Designing Human-Centered Hybrid Decision Support Systems 

    Cao, Lu (2023-04-19)
    Innovative decision support systems (DSSs) are revolutionizing key processes in organizations. These systems are used in managerial decision-making to solve increasingly complicated decision tasks, for example, using ...
  • ICT and discretion: An “up-to-date” view of what we want to know and how it can be studied 

    Ranerup, Agneta (Presented at 20th Scandinavian Workshop on E-Government (SWEG): From Government automation to AI, 1-2 February, 2023, Örebro University., 2023)
    The discretion of street-level bureaucrats is increasingly affected by public sector digitalisation. The aim of this study was to provide a scoping review with “state of the art” of research about information and communication ...
  • Platformization: Digital Materiality at the Limits of Discourse 

    Gustavsson, Mikael (2023-04-13)
    The digital platform has served us well as a metaphor for an imaginary ‘something’ made comprehensible through theories such as matchmaking, externalities, and network effects. But as much as metaphors and theories can ...
  • A Survey on Satisfiability Checking for the μ -Calculus Through Tree Automata 

    Hausmann, Daniel; Piterman, Nir (2022)
    Algorithms for model checking and satisfiability of the modal μ -calculus start by converting formulas to alternating parity tree automata. Thus, model checking is reduced to checking acceptance by tree automata and ...
  • Plug & Play? Stakeholders’ co-meaningmaking of gamification implementations in workplace learning environments 

    Palmquist, Adam (2023-01-12)
    This dissertation discusses the implementation process of gamification in organisations’ workplace learning environments, focusing on four stakeholder groups: Administrators, Leaders, Providers and Users. These stakeholder ...
  • A Socioecological Approach to ICT Use by Adults over 65 and its Implication on Design 

    Mylonopoulou, Vasiliki; Weilenmann, Alexandra; Buratti, Sandra; Torgersson, Olof (2022)
  • Reversed Multi-Layer Design as an Approach to Designing for Digital Seniors 

    Finne, Rebecca; Larsson, Lisa; Mylonopoulou, Vasiliki; Andreasson, Sebastian; Hjelm, Tove; Rost, Mattias; Weilenmann, Alexandra; Torgersson, Olof (2022-10)
  • Automated replication of tuple spaces via static analysis 

    De Nicola, Rocco; Di Stefano, Luca; Inverso, Omar; Uwimbabazi, Aline (2022)
    Coordination languages for tuple spaces can offer significant advantages in the specification and implementation of distributed systems, but often do require manual programming effort to ensure consistency. We propose an ...
  • Modelling Flocks of Birds from the Bottom Up 

    De Nicola, Rocco; Di Stefano, Luca; Inverso, Omar; Valiani, Serenella (2022)
    We argue that compositional specification based on formal languages can facilitate the modelling of, and reasoning about, sophisticated collective behaviour in many natural systems. One defines a system in terms of individual ...
  • A PO Characterisation of Reconfiguration 

    Abd Alrahman, Yehia; Martel, Mauricio; Piterman, Nir (2022)
    We consider partial order semantics of concurrent systems in which local reconfigurations may have global side effects. That is, local changes happening to an entity may block or unblock events relating to others, namely, ...
  • On the Specification and Monitoring of Timed Normative Systems 

    Azzopardi, Shaun; Pace, Gordon J.; Schapachnik, Fernando; Schneider, Gerardo (2022)
    In this article we explore different issues and design choices that arise when considering how to fully embrace timed aspects in the formalisation of normative systems, e.g., by using deontic modalities, looking primarily ...
  • Runtime Verification of Kotlin Coroutines 

    Furian, Denis; Azzopardi, Shaun; Falcone, Yliès (2022)
    Kotlin was introduced to Android as the recommended language for development. One of the unique functionalities of Kotlin is that of coroutines, which are lightweight tasks that can run concurrently inside threads. Programming ...
  • AspectSol: A Solidity Aspect-Oriented Programming Tool with Applications in Runtime Verification 

    Azzopardi, Shaun; Ellul, Joshua; Falzon, Ryan; Pace, Gordon J. (International Conference on Runtime Verification, 2022)
    Aspect-oriented programming tools aim to provide increased code modularity by enabling programming of cross-cutting concerns separate from the main body of code. Since the inception of runtime verification, aspect-oriented ...
  • Tainting in Smart Contracts: Combining Static and Runtime Verification 

    Azzopardi, Shaun; Ellul, Joshua; Falzon, Ryan; Pace, Gordon J. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS,volume 13498), 2022)
    Smart contracts exist immutably on blockchains, making their pre-deployment correctness essential. Moreover, they exist openly on blockchains—open for interaction with any other smart contract and offchain entity. Interaction, ...
  • Model Checking Reconfigurable Interacting Systems 

    Alrahman, Yehia Abd; Azzopardi, Shaun; Piterman, Nir (International Symposium on Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, 2022)
    Reconfigurable multi-agent systems consist of a set of autonomous agents, with integrated interaction capabilities that feature opportunistic interaction. Agents seemingly reconfigure their interactions interfaces by forming ...
  • Runtime Verification meets Controller Synthesis 

    Azzopardi, Shaun; Piterman, Nir; Schneider, Gerardo (2022)
    Reactive synthesis guarantees correct-by-construction controllers from logical specifications, but is costly—2EXPTIME-complete in the size of the specification. In a practical setting, the desired controllers need to ...
  • R-CHECK: A Model Checker for Verifying Reconfigurable MAS 

    Alrahman, Yehia Abd; Azzopardi, Shaun; Piterman, Nir (AAMAS 2022, 2022)
    Reconfigurable multi-agent systems consist of a set of autonomous agents, with integrated interaction capabilities that feature opportunistic interaction. Agents seemingly reconfigure their interactions interfaces by ...

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