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  • Esperanto – drömmen om ett världsspråk 

    Sandelin, Bo (Dialogos Förlag, 2013)
    När Ludwik Zamenhof växte upp i den mångkulturella staden Białystok på 1860-talet led han av att se hur ryssar, polacker, tyskar och judar bråkade med varandra. Han trodde att huvudskälet till motsättningarna var att de ...
  • Court-Ordered Care 

    Helénsdotter, Ronja (2024-04-29)
    This dissertation focuses on one of the most vulnerable groups in society: children and youths who interact with the child protection system. In the first chapter, I study the effects of court-ordered removal of children ...
  • Vad är BNP? 

    Sandelin, Bo (Studentlitteratur, 2014)
  • Ekonomin i EU 

    Sandelin, Bo (Studentlitteratur, 2017)
    I boken beskrivs de stora dragen i de olika EU-ländernas ekonomi, huvudsakligen med hjälp av nationalräkenskapsdata. Ett bisyfte är att klargöra innebörden i BNP och andra nationalräkenskapsbegrepp och visa hur de hänger samman.
  • Adam Smith 

    Sandelin, Bo (Studentlitteratur, 2021)
    Den skotske filosofen Adam Smith (1723–1790) brukar betraktas som nationalekonomins fader med en laissez-faire-attityd till marknaden. Här behandlas dels hans verk, dels hans omväxlande liv från uppväxten i Kircaldy via ...
  • Nudges and Monetary Incentives: A Green Partnership? 

    Maris, Robbie; Dorner, Zack; Carlsson, Fredrik (University of Gothenburg, 2024-03)
    Shifting individual behaviour is an important tool for addressing environmental issues and there is a wide literature evaluating interventions to encourage pro-environmental behaviour. One important but under-researched ...
  • Telling Talent: Essays on Discrimination and Promotion Contests 

    Behler, Timm (2024-03-11)
    Many of our interactions are shaped by the beliefs we hold about the people we interact with. Because of this, we often try to gather information about others. This information shapes our beliefs, which then inform the ...
  • How Much Liberty Should We Have? Citizens versus Experts on Regulating Externalities and Internalities 

    Carlsson, Fredrik; Johansson-Stenman, Olof; Kataria, Mitesh (University of Gothenburg, 2024-01)
    Based on a tailor-made survey, we find that experts – academics and civil servants – are much more willing than citizens in Sweden to accept liberty-reducing regulations. Moreover, both citizens and experts are more ...
  • Child Labour Background, Challenges, and the Role of Research in Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 8.7 

    Congdon Fors, Heather (Gothenburg University, 2024-01)
    The focus of this report is on child labour, which is a main component of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8.7. After providing a brief background on child labour, this report provides an overview of the factors that ...
  • Saddlepoint approximations for credit portfolio distributions with applications in equity risk management 

    Herbertsson, Alexander (University of Gothenburg, 2023-12)
    We study saddlepoint approximations to the tail-distribution for credit portfolio losses in continuous time intensity based models under conditional independent homogeneous settings. In such models, conditional on the ...
  • Encouraging adoption of fuel-efficient vehicles – A policy reform evaluation from Ethiopia 

    Tesemma, Tewodros (University of Gothenburg, 2023-11)
    The extent of vehicle ownership is increasing in many developing countries. Most of the increase takes place through import of second-hand vehicles that are usually fuel-inefficient and have poor emissions standards. ...
  • Optimal Taxation and Other-Regarding Preferences 

    Aronsson, Thomas; Johansson-Stenman, Olof (University of Gothenburg, 2023-10)
    The present paper analyzes optimal redistributive income taxation in a Mirrleesian framework extended with other-regarding preferences at the individual level. We start by developing a general model where the other-regarding ...
  • Essays on Environmental and Behavioral Economics 

    Tewodros, Tesemma (2023-10-03)
    As developing countries strive to attain rapid economic growth and thereby reduce poverty, the ensuing climate change crisis is making it necessary for these countries to achieve the targeted economic growth through ...
  • Risk management of stock portfolios with jumps at exogenous default events 

    Herbertsson, Alexander (University of Gothenburg, 2023-09)
    In this paper we study equity risk management of stock portfolios where the individual stock prices have downward jumps at the defaults of an exogenous group of defaultable entities. The default times can come from any ...
  • Conditional Persistence? Historical Disease Exposure and Government Response to COVID-19 

    Lindskog, Annika; Olsson, Ola (University of Gothenburg, 2023-08)
    In this paper, we investigate differences in government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Drawing on the theory of the Behavioral Immune System and the Parasite Stress Theory, we hypothesize that a higher historical ...
  • Wetland Mitigation Banking in the United States 

    Inkinen, Ville Pekka Tapani (2023-08-24)
    In this thesis, I study market-based biodiversity conservation policies in the context of the wetland compensatory mitigation program under the US Clean Water Act. The program requires developers to compensate for adverse ...
  • Sustainable Consumption and Prosocial Actions 

    David, Bilén (2023-06-21)
    The influence of a single individual's actions on many societal issues is often small, but individual efforts can have a significant impact when combined. Several potential policies could attempt to encourage these actions, ...
  • Decentralized Finance and Central Bank Communication 

    Hansson, Magnus (2023-05-25)
    This dissertation investigates two distinct areas within the financial literature: Decentralized finance (DeFi) and central bank communication. Both areas have experienced significant changes in the past decade, posing new ...
  • Sustainable Economic Growth: A Critical Assessment of SDG 8.1 

    Ahlerup, Pelle; Olsson, Ola (University of Gothenburg, 2023-04)
    In this report, we focus on the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 8.1, stipulating that countries should pursue real GDP per capita growth rates that are in accordance with their national circumstances and that ...
  • Locus of Control and Economic Decision-Making: A Field Experiment in Odisha, India 

    Ahsan Jansson, Cecilia; Patil, Vikram; Vecci, Joe; Veettil, Prakashan Chellattan; Yashodha, Yashodha (University of Gothenburg, 2023-04)
    We study psychological impediments that make it difficult to change be- haviour. In particular, we evaluate the impact of a randomised psychological intervention designed to target locus of control{an individual's belief ...

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