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    • The Strategic Importance of Reframing 

      Herzog, Pablo Vinícius (2020-09-27)
      Software industry has been expanding and spreading its influence over a huge number of products and services. Parallel to that, the industry as a whole has been more exposed to challenges complicated enough to be faced ...
    • Sounds of Rain 

      Fanny, Skröder (2019-10-24)
      This project is about creating a sonic experience using rain as a sound component in park environments in Gothenburg. I wanted to take advantage of the rain since a third part of the year in Gothenburg consists of rainy ...
    • Du skadade min arm 

      Ridderstolpe, Karin (2019-09-06)
    • Swarming abstractions 

      Lopez Diaz, Larry (2019-07-30)
      My exam is about the research, modifying and experimenting with an algorithm that shows alternative representations of a pre-defined structure. Through the algorithm we can find shapes that could have been omitted otherwise ...
    • The invocation of X 

      Bothén, Klara (2019-07-15)
      “The Invocation of X” takes its beginning in a narrative about domestic textile handicrafts in a historical perspective. This is in turn connected to other stories: handicrafts as a political strategy, secret societies, ...
    • Hole 

      Vallgren, Sanna (2018-08-16)
      I mitt arbete har jag utgått ifrån mina tankar om att vara kropp, om rädslor och känslor kring sjukdom och kroppens förfall. Det söker sig mot de inre upplevelserna, tankarna, känslorna och kanske nånstans också det ...
    • Untouchable, monumental and intimate: on feminized mysticism and occult weaving 

      Larsson, Hanna (2018-08-16)
      I work with weaving as an alchemical formula, a thought experiment and a ritual gesture. I am driven by a presence of great sensitivity and tactile sensibility. For me weaving is ambivalent, ambiguous, intense and ...
    • Berättelser från skogsbrynet 

      Espmark, Klara (2018-08-16)
      Berättelser från skogsbrynet har sin utgångspunkt i den berättartradition som finns i min släkt och i hur denna tradition är förankrad i skogen, samt i mina egna erfarenheter av att befinna mig det sammanhang som den ...
    • Samtal i trä 

      Lindholm, Sanna (2018-08-16)
      In this text you will follow the work and methods I used in my MA project Wooden talks, safe terrain and tangled situations. Wooden talks is a installation of abstract shapes in meeting with figurative ones. Through the ...
    • Glitch, Bow, Bliss 

      Dynebrink, Ellen (2017-10-18)
    • Twisted Biota 

      Cody, Victoria (2017-10-18)
    • Vem har tiden? 

      Hultsborn, Tina (2017-10-18)
    • Blodsband 

      Bille, Amalia (2017-10-18)
    • Memory Box 

      Bankeström, Sofia (2017-10-18)
    • Ett då i oss nu 

      Svensson, Sofi (2017-10-18)
    • Försök ti sov nu 

      Sundblom, Maja (2017-10-18)
    • Play with conventions 

      Wei, Ying-yu (2017-08-30)
      The purpose of this project is to interpret Ming chair through story telling concept. The narrative is based on my personal travel experiences, in particular how I spontaneously encounter with people from other culture and ...
    • Changing paradigms 

      Fernandez, Vanessa (2017-08-30)
      This work explores new ways of working with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines within the field of arts, crafts and design, specifically in relation to woodworking, to increase possibilities of creation according ...
    • INSITU 

      Velthuijzen, Marie-Louise (2017-08-30)
      During years of change in taste, material exploration and context shifts we have forgotten some archetypes of furniture that were once part of our homes. This project is an investigation in how to use history as inspiration ...
    • Iterated Window - Experiencing the In-between and Informing the Practise of Business and Design 

      Hookway, Samantha; Nyblom, Mia (2016-12-02)
      Our research begins with understanding human experience and continues to inquire on, what we refer to, as the iterated window metaphor that frames the in-between to inform the practice of business design. Our exploration ...