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    • A longing / En längtan 

      Andersson, Astrid Linnéa (2014-03-31)
      What relationship do we have with nature, what does it represent to us? It is something foreign, far away. The cloudy mountains in the distance, and the close quiet embrace of the forest. It is an idea of simpler times, ...
    • Approaching (the) Book as Matter 

      Seipel, Maria (2016-01-07)
      This thesis will, through a graphic design perspective, discuss a format in flux. It examines the idea of the book format as a material body, as an image and as a conceptual format. The appearance and perception of the ...
    • Berättelser från skogsbrynet 

      Espmark, Klara (2018-08-16)
      Berättelser från skogsbrynet har sin utgångspunkt i den berättartradition som finns i min släkt och i hur denna tradition är förankrad i skogen, samt i mina egna erfarenheter av att befinna mig det sammanhang som den ...
    • Blodsband 

      Bille, Amalia (2017-10-18)
    • Broderier 

      Björk, Kerstin (2013-07-22)
    • Change in relation to Innovative Ways of Working & Employee Experience 

      Pihlgren, Johanna (2016-10-20)
      Organizational change is a heavily debated area that can become a challenge for any organization. How well the change is received by the employees is one important factor that will determine the success of the implementation. ...
    • Changing paradigms 

      Fernandez, Vanessa (2017-08-30)
      This work explores new ways of working with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines within the field of arts, crafts and design, specifically in relation to woodworking, to increase possibilities of creation according ...
    • Children’s Eating Culture. Research on children’s eating behaviors, using appropriate design methods to improve their eating experience 

      Si, Cheng (2014-03-19)
      The purpose of the project was to research children’s eating culture, find the reason why some children don’t like to eat, and address this issue in design field to improve children’s eating experience. Also provide a ...
    • Children’s place in Samoan schools 

      Markovic, María (2014-03-20)
      Apart from simply being fun, playgrounds can have versatile benefits; they can contribute to various issues like physical-, cognitive-, motor- and social development plus health in general. This thesis will focus on how ...
    • Ett då i oss nu 

      Svensson, Sofi (2017-10-18)
    • Design for Innovation in the World of IT - A case study of Dropbox and LinkedIn 

      Olsson, Malin; Stenfors, Sofia (2016-01-07)
      Along with globalisation and the rising competition in the world, constant innovation has become a necessity for survival. Design has been shown to foster innovation in many different ways, but the research about design ...
    • Du skadade min arm 

      Ridderstolpe, Karin (2019-09-06)
    • Dusty Stories 

      Eketrä, Linnéa (2016-01-07)
      Dusty Stories is a project focusing on working with narratives when implementing graphical material towards a client. The receivers of the material is in this case the people working with the museum Remfabriken, an old ...
    • EGEN ZON - Rumsgestaltning för barn nio till tolv år på Stadsbiblioteket i Halmstad 

      Erixån, Amanda (2014-03-20)
      Spatial design for children nine to twelve years old at the Halmstad City Library. An investigation about the specific needs of the target group and how the child department can be designed to stimulate their experience ...
    • Det enkla som är svårt 

      Palmquist, Rikard (2013-07-22)
    • EverChanging Scenery - An explore-and-store set, for children and the child in your mind 

      Yu-Nung, Lin (2014-03-20)
      Nowadays, more children live in an urban environment, which provides less access to nature. Researches have proven that engaging with nature is an essential requirement for children's cognitive, emotional and ...
    • Face It 

      Rautanen, Soili (2014-09-18)
      Face, reveal, cover, eyes, shame, repetition and secrets. All powerful little words, all repeating in my head. For a long time these exact words have been a starting point for my previous projects - And they won’t fail ...
    • Falla i falla ur 

      Vennerbring, Elin (2014-03-24)
      The organization ”Kalmar Stadsmission” is stepping in where the public social resources and efforts are insufficient and is adapting activities based on needs - both acute and long-term. I have explored how an organization ...
    • Fantastic Voyage - Wayfinding design for Danderyds Hospital in Stockholm 

      Popović, Anja (2016-01-07)
      This thesis project is a design solution for a specific situation. It explores how design can support wayfinding in a complex environment. How can design support wayfinding, navigation and orientation in this ...
    • Försök ti sov nu 

      Sundblom, Maja (2017-10-18)