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Macrophage-material surface interactions

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Title: Macrophage-material surface interactions
Authors: Gretzer, Christina 1954-
Issue Date: 2000
University: Göteborgs universitet/University of Gothenburg
Institution: Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Institutionen för anatomi och cellbiologi
Date of Defence: 2000-11-30
Disputation: Stora föreläsningssalen (Ivan Ivarsson), Institutionen för anatomi och cellbiologi, kl.09.00
Publication type: Doctoral thesis
Keywords: Apoptosis
cell-cell interactions
cell-material interactions
hydrogen peroxide
Abstract: Material surface-stimulated activation of the macrophage and the release of mediators has been suggested to be an important factor for inflammation and tissue regeneration around biomedical implants. Macrophage interactions with particles released from implants as well as macophage-bacteria interactions are also involved in implant loosening processes. The development of relevant in vitro models, which would allow a selective manipulation of biologic and implant components in a less complex envi... more
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