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Using ADO.NET Entity Framework in Domain-Driven Design: A Pattern Approach

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Title: Using ADO.NET Entity Framework in Domain-Driven Design: A Pattern Approach
Authors: Yemelyanov, Andrey
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2008
Degree: Master theses
Series/Report no.: Report/IT University of Göteborg
Keywords: Domain-driven design
ADO.NET Entity Framework
domain model
object-relational impedance mismatch
Abstract: In the object community domain-driven design philosophy has recently gained prominence. The application of domain-driven design practices in iterative software development projects promises to conquer complexity inherent in building software. And with the reduced complexity comes more intimate understanding of a problem domain, which results in better software, capable of effectively addressing user needs and concerns. The ADO.NET Entity Framework with its emphasis on modeling conceptual bu... more
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