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    • Did somebody say political religion? Notes on an ideologeme 

      Falk, Hjalmar (LIR. journal, 2013)
      This article deals with the concept of »political religion«, a term often used to connote certain features of totalitarianism. The aim here is twofold. First, to summarize certain features within this discourse for ...
    • Freedom under conditions of necessity 

      Pedersson, Anders (LIR. journal, 2013)
      In this paper I explore a certain conception of ideology with the aim of situating the subject conducting intellectual work acting under given premises. A theory of ideology based on Paul Ricoeur’s work on the subject ...
    • Ideological continuity and discursive changes in the Swedish educational system 

      Wedin, Tomas (LIR. journal, 2013)
      In this article I present a reading of the relationship between discourse and ideology. With two curricula for the Swedish upper secondary school as my empirical basis, I suggest that the rather conspicuous differences ...
    • Ideology as a Kantian logic of ideas 

      Jøker Bjerre, Henrik (LIR. journal, 2013)
      One of the most original contemporary approaches to the critique of ideology is that offered by Slavoj Žižek, who has shown that ideology, far from being an exception to the »normal run of things«, is the precondition ...
    • Introduction - On the analysis and critique of ideology 

      Falk, Hjalmar; Jansson, Anton; Pedersson, Anders (LIR. journal, 2013)
    • Objects of history / Objects of ideology 

      von Eggers Mariegaard, Nicolai (LIR. journal, 2013)
      In this article I present some preliminary thoughts on what lessons might be learned from modern developments in critical thought if one wants to take up once again Michel Foucault’s project. I start out by discussing ...
    • Religion as ideology and critique: Per Götrek’s Christian communism 

      Jansson, Anton (LIR. journal, 2013)
      Since Karl Marx, studies of ideology have tended to treat religion as negatively ideological, as social cement hiding real conflicts. But throughout history religion has also been used as a resource for criticizing ...
    • The Ideology of consumption or, What does it mean to live in a tasteless world? 

      Benjamin Hansen, Brian (LIR. journal, 2013)
      This article opts for a return to a critique of the ideology of consumption. Following Slavoj Žižek it argues that what must be addressed in present-day consumer-capitalism is the level of the superego. Superego is not ...
    • The practico-inertia of institutional practices 

      Hein Jessen, Mathias (LIR. journal, 2013)
      In this article I seek to give an account of what I call the practico- inertia of institutional practices or the ideology of institutional practices. In the everyday functioning of our institutional, organizational and ...