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      Aquatic organisms, Environment, Literature review, Marine ecosystem, Marine plastic litter, Nigeria, Pollution [1]
      benthic foraminifera, deep learning, environmental monitoring, YOLOv7 [1]
      benthic, diatoms, cultivation, thermal performance, photosynthetic pigments [1]
      chemical risk assessment, industrial chemicals [1]
      Climate Neutrality, GHG emissions, higher education institutions (HEIs), Net Zero emission, carbon footprint, carbon capture and storage (CCS) [1]
      E-waste, Controlled and uncontrolled UEEE/WEEE, Illegal waste Trade, The circular economy, The developed and developing countries [1]
      heat wave, urban trees, NDVI, remote sensing [1]
      INPs, DFA, LUCS [1]
      Invasive alien species, alien plants, horticulture industry, ornamental plants, Sweden, garden owners [1]
      low-cost sensors,passive diffusion samplers, pick-ups and drop-offs, regulatory measurements [1]
      ocean acidification, global change, sea urchin, duration, intensity, biological response [1]
      oxygen consumption, zebrafish larvae, respirometry, endocrine disrupting chemicals, mixture toxicity [1]
      perceptions, tree preferences, urban trees, ecosystem services [1]
      Pesticides, Small streams, Prediction modelling, Chemical-protein-gene interactions, Aquatic organisms [1]
      Pollen, Allergy, Antihistaminic, Airborne transport, Geographical origins [1]
      Pollution, Lagos, Particulate matter (PM), Sensor, Environment, Meteorology, Nigeria [1]
      Quarrying, Aggregates, Life cycle, Environmental impact, Restoration, Permit [1]
      soil C:N, forest production, 15N isotope dilution, gross N mineralisation, ammonium, soil carbon, soil nitrogen, root exudates, stoichiometric decomposition, boreal forests, priming, microbial C limitation [1]
      urban climate, heat stress, mean radiant temperature, SOLWEIG, urban vegetation, urban planning [1]