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Physiological roles of amyloid precursor protein in vivo - zebrafish as a model

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Title: Physiological roles of amyloid precursor protein in vivo - zebrafish as a model
Authors: Chebli, Jasmine
Issue Date: 26-Oct-2021
University: University of Gothenburg. Sahlgrenska Academy
Institution: Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology. Department of Psychiatry and Neurochemistry
Parts of work: Banote RK, Chebli J, Şatır TM, Varshney GK, Camacho R, Ledin J, Burgess SM, Abramsson A, and Zetterberg H. Amyloid precursor protein-b facilitates cell adhesion during early development in zebrafish. 2020. Sci Rep 10(1): 10127.

Chebli J, Rahmati M, Banote RK, Abramsson A, and Zetterberg H. Amyloid precursor protein-b coordinates the assembly of the trigeminal ganglia in zebrafish. Manuscript

Chebli J, Rahmati M,. Lashley T, Edeman B, Oldfors A, Zetterberg H, and Abramsson A. The localization of amyloid precursor protein to ependymal cilia in vertebrates and its role in ciliogenesis and brain development in zebrafish. 2021. Scientific Reports 11(1): 19115.

Abramsson A, Chebli J, Banote RK, Sauer M, Hansson KT, Blennow K, Gobom J and Zetterberg H. Proteomic analysis of amyloid precursor protein-b mutant zebrafish (Danio rerio) larvae reveals changes in proteins involved in neural development, cell adhesion and gene regulation. Manuscript

Rahmati M, Chebli J, Banote RK, Roselli S, Agholme L, Zetterberg H and Abramsson A. Transcriptional adaptation between zebrafish amyloid precursor protein gene family members. Manuscript
Date of Defence: 2021-11-19
Disputation: Fredagen den 19 November 2021, klockan 09.00, Europa, Konferenscentrum Wallenberg, Medicinaregatan 20A, Göteborg.
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine)
Publication type: Doctoral thesis
Keywords: Amyloid-beta precursor protein
amyloid precursor protein-b
physiological functions
trigeminal ganglia
translational adaptation
Abstract: Amyloid-beta precursor protein (APP) is an evolutionarily conserved transmembrane protein expressed in many different tissues. APP belongs to a gene family consisting of two other APP-like proteins (APLP1 and APLP2). APP has been shown to be involved in biological processes such as neurite outgrowth, neuronal migration, synapse formation and plasticity, and cell-cell interactions. APP also plays a central role in the development of Alzheimer's disease (AD). APP's physiological role has been diff... more
ISBN: 978-91-8009-442-9 (PRINT)
978-91-8009-443-6 (PDF)
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