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Charity, Status, and Optimal Taxation: Welfarist and Non-Welfarist Approaches

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Title: Charity, Status, and Optimal Taxation: Welfarist and Non-Welfarist Approaches
Authors: Aronsson, Thomas
Johansson-Stenman, Olof
Wendner, Ronald
Issue Date: Jun-2021
Extent: 51
Publication type: report
Publisher: University of Gothenburg
Organization: Department of Economics
Series/Report no.: Working Papers in Economics
Keywords: Conspicuous consumption
conspicuous charitable giving
optimal taxation
public good provision
warm glow
multiple screening
Abstract: This paper analyzes optimal taxation of charitable giving to a public good in a Mirrleesian framework with social comparisons. Leisure separability together with zero transaction costs of giving imply that charitable giving should be subsidized to such an extent that governmental contributions are completely crowded out, regardless of whether the government acknowledges warm glows of giving. Stronger concerns for relative charitable giving and larger transaction costs support lower marginal subs... more
ISSN: 1403-2465
Description: JEL Classification: D03, D62, H21, H23
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