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The Dynamic Impact of Exporting on Firm R&D Investment

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Title: The Dynamic Impact of Exporting on Firm R&D Investment
Authors: Maican, Florin G
Orth, Matilda
Roberts, Mark J
Vuong, Van Anh
Issue Date: Oct-2020
Extent: 47
Publication type: report
Organization: Department of Economics, Gothenburg University
Series/Report no.: Working Papers in Economics
Keywords: R&D
Abstract: This article estimates a dynamic structural model of rm R&D investment in twelve Swedish manufacturing industries and uses it to measure rates of return to R&D and to simulate the impact of trade restrictions on the investment incentives. R&D spending is found to have a larger impact on rm productivity in the export market than in the domestic market. Export market pro ts are a substantial source of the expected return to R&D. Counterfactual simulations show that trade restrictions lower bo... more
ISSN: 1403-2465
Description: JEL Classi cation: L6, O3, L13, F13
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