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The Right Kind of Queer: Race, Sexuality, and Gender in Contemporary Constructions of Swedishness

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Titel: The Right Kind of Queer: Race, Sexuality, and Gender in Contemporary Constructions of Swedishness
Författare: Kehl, Katharina
Utgivningsdatum: 12-nov-2020
Universitet: Göteborgs universitet. Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten
University of Gothenburg. Faculty of Social Sciences
Institution: School of Global Studies, Peace and Development Research ; Institutionen för globala studier, freds- och utvecklingsforskning
Delarbeten: Kehl, Katharina. 2020. “Homonationalism Revisited: Race, Rights, and Queer Complexities”. Lambda Nordica 25(2): 17-38.

Kehl, Katharina. 2018. “‘In Sweden, Girls Are Allowed to Kiss Girls, and Boys Are Allowed to Kiss Boys’: Pride Järva and the Inclusion of the ‘LGBT Other’ in Swedish Nationalist Discourses.” Sexualities 21(4): 674-91.

Strand, Sanna and Katharina Kehl. 2019. “‘A Country to Fall in Love with/in’: Gender and Sexuality in Swedish Armed Forces’ Marketing Campaigns.” International Feminist Journal of Politics 21(2): 295-314.

Kehl, Katharina. 2020. “‘Did Queer Muslims Even Exist?’ – Racialised Grids of Intelligibility in Swedish LGBTQ Contexts.” Social Identities 26(2): 150-65.

Datum för disputation: 2020-12-04
Disputation: Fredagen den 4 december 2020, klockan 10:15 i Linnésalen, Mediehuset, Campus Linné, Seminariegatan 1B
Examinationsnivå: Doctor of Philosophy
Publikationstyp: Doctoral thesis
Nyckelord: homonationalism
Swedish gender exceptionalism
Sammanfattning: Recent years have seen an increased mobilisation of LGBT rights in nationalist projects of (non-)belonging. This thesis provides new insights into the role played by race, sexuality, and gender in these projects by examining contemporary constructions of Swedishness. Since attempts at defining belonging matter with regard to how we make sense of ourselves and each other, this project also investigates which subject positions are suggested and experienced as “intelligible” within the context of t... mer
ISBN: 978-91-8009-098-8 (PRINT)
978-91-8009-099-5 (PDF)
Samling:Doctoral Theses from University of Gothenburg / Doktorsavhandlingar från Göteborgs universitet
Doctoral Theses / Doktorsavhandlingar Institutionen för globala studier



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