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ODLINGSSUBSTRAT FÖR KRUKVÄXTER Ur ett historiskt och hantverksmässigt perspektiv

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gupea_2077_66531_1.pdfBachelor of Science in Conservation, with major in Garden and Landscape Crafts, 180 hp 568KbAdobe PDF
Title: ODLINGSSUBSTRAT FÖR KRUKVÄXTER Ur ett historiskt och hantverksmässigt perspektiv
Other Titles: GROWING MEDIUM FOR POTTED PLANTS – Seen through a historical and craftmanship perspective
Authors: Ulriksson, Sara
Issue Date: 16-Sep-2020
Degree: Student essay
Keywords: 19th century, gardeners craftmanship
potted plants cultivation
growing media / 1800-talet
trädgårdsmästarens hantverk
Abstract: Growing potted plants indoors and in greenhouses brings special demands on the growing media. The gardeners of the 19th century depended on ingredients for their growing medias that could be found in the nearby nature or produced in the garden itself. Today most growing medias are produced by specialist companies that rely on peat as their basic ingredient. This thesis primary focus is to explore what different ingredients were used for potted plants in greenhouses and homes of the 19th century ... more
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