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Kontinuitet eller förändring och avbrott?

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Title: Kontinuitet eller förändring och avbrott?
Other Titles: En studie av boplatser under övergången mellan äldre och yngre järnålder i Västra Götaland
Authors: Hernqvist, Linnéa
Issue Date: 11-Feb-2019
Degree: Student essay
Keywords: Iron Age, Migration Period, Vendel Period, Settlement sites, C-14 database, 536-537 AD event, The Justinian plague, Microarchaeology, Site biography
Abstract: For almost a century, archaeological research has been trying to understand the archaeological and environmental sources and analyses pointing towards an overall decline in e.g. settlements and agriculture in the Migration- and Vendel period in different areas of Scandinavia. Regarding Sweden, this research has mainly been focused on the eastern parts of the country, with house foundations and farming systems being interpreted as abandoned. Early research wanted to see a dramatic chain of events... more
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