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The Metamorphosis of Power

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Title: The Metamorphosis of Power
Creator: Johnson, Leslie
Posch, Josefina
Issue Date: 4-Oct-2018
Published in: 3rd Tbilisi Triennial, Gori, Georgia
Publication type: artistic work
Keywords: Situation specific art
alternative energy sources
research documentation
Tbilisi Triennial
Summary: Josefina Posch & Leslie Johnson’s collaborative artwork, “The Metamorphosis of Power”, part of the 2018 Tbilisi Triennial, transforms an electric tram station in Gori Georgia into a solar powered sulpture.
Supported by: Valand Academy, Gothenburg University Tbilisi Triennial, Georgia Center for Contemporary Art -Tbilisi Wilhelm & Martina Lundgrens Understödsfond Embassy of Sweden in Tbilisi
Description of project: Josefina Posch and Leslie Johnson’s first collaborative artwork “The Metamorphosis of Power” opened in Gori, Georgia October 4 as part of the third Tbilisi Triennial. The artwork responds to the specific situation of an electric bus transformer station in central Gori behind Stalin Avenue. Gori, the birthplace of Josef Stalin, is part of the ancient silk route significant not only for commercial trade but also knowledge exchange and communication. Closeby is Uplisciche, an ancient cave vill... more
Type of work: Situation specific public sculpture
Link to web site:;0B0kmuMM81vCosNwmIMSBs2CdiGV7xk3yJn.bps.a.1903541193062269/1903541906395531/?type=3&theater*NK-R
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