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Managers in Human Service Organizations and their interaction with the Media - the managers´ experiences

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Title: Managers in Human Service Organizations and their interaction with the Media - the managers´ experiences
Authors: Wramsten Wilmar, Maria
Issue Date: 7-Jan-2019
University: Göteborgs universitet. Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten
University of Gothenburg. Faculty of Social Sciences
Institution: Department of Psychology ; Psykologiska institutionen
Parts of work: I. Wramsten Wilmar, M., Jacobsson, C., Dellve, L., Ray, J., & Låstad, L. HSO managers meet the Media: on the frequency of Media contacts, the use of strategies and the quality of media outcomes. Submitted for publication.

II. Wramsten Wilmar, M., Ahlborg, G., Jacobsson, C., & Dellve, L. (2014). Healthcare managers in negative media focus: a qualitative study of personification processes and their personal consequences. Journal of BMC Health Services Research, 14(8), 1–12.

III. Wramsten Wilmar, M., Ahlborg, G., Dellve, L., Tidefors, I., & Jacobsson, C. (2017). Swedish Healthcare managers and the Media – a study of strategies and support during mass media attention. Scandinavian Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 2(1), 1–10.

IV. Jacobsson, C., Låstad, L., & Wramsten Wilmar, M. (2018). HSO managers Spokesperson Self-Efficacy (SSE) when meeting the Media. Clinical and Experimental Psychology, 4(3), 1–5.

Date of Defence: 2019-02-01
Disputation: At 10:00. Department of Psychology, University of Gothenburg, F1
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
Publication type: Doctoral thesis
Series/Report no.: Doctoral Dissertation
Keywords: HSO Managers
Media Interaction
Media Scrutiny
Spokesperson Self-Efficacy
the Media
Abstract: The combination of three forces; the Human Service Organizations’ (HSOs) desire for visibility, the citizens’ interest in the HSOs and the increasing pressure upon media actors to attract the interest of the audiences have all contributed to a situation where HSO managers nowadays have more interactions with the Media than before. The general aim of this thesis is to study Swedish HSO managers’ experiences of interaction with the Media. This in turn led to the specific aims: (1) to outline the o... more
ISBN: 978-91-7833-277-9
ISSN: 1101-718X
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