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Title: TRUST
Creator: Hagberg, Anders
Issue Date: 21-Sep-2018
Published in: Global album release
Publication type: artistic work
Keywords: Improvisation
contrabass flute
bass flute
visual arts
Summary: The music for this album was originally created in interaction with visual artforms, such as dance, pictures, video, and sculpture. Except for some percussion, all of the sounds on this record come from my flutes and saxophone. The central instrument is the unique contrabass flute: the “gentle giant” of the flute family. It has a lyrical, melodic quality, and I also use it to play ambient sounds. By using the percussive possibilities of the instrument, I have produced all the rhythmic grooves he... more
Supported by: Högskolan för Scen & Musik, Prophone/Naxos
Description of project: Se bilaga
Type of work: Musikproduktion, album som CD, digital, streaming, high resolution
Description of work included: Konstnärligt utvecklingsarbete, audio-inspelning, livekonserter
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attached samples mp3: Matusi Expressions ; Care Encore.
KONSERTER: 26/1 Parse Dialogues with Robert Dick VIDEO: On extended techniques ; 12/3 Inner and outer spaces. Gothenburg VIDEO: Inre och yttre rum ; 15/9 Collegium Musicum, Uddevalla ; 24/10 Brötz Jazz Club, Gothenburg
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Artistic Works / Konstnärliga arbeten Högskolan för scen och musik



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