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Person-centred prehabilitation program to improve functioning

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Title: Person-centred prehabilitation program to improve functioning
Other Titles: In patients with severe low back pain planned for lumbar fusion surgery
Authors: Lotzke, Hanna
Issue Date: 13-Dec-2018
University: University of Gothenburg at Sahlgrenska Academy
Institution: Institute of Clinical Sciences. Department of Orthopaedics
Parts of work: I. Lotzke H, Gutke A, den Hollander M, Smeets R, Lundberg M. Developing an evidence-based prehabilitation programme designed to improve functional outcomes after lumbar fusion surgery – A feasibility study using the Medical Research Council framework. European Journal of Physiotherapy. Accepted

II. Lotzke H, Jakobsson M, Brisby H, Gutke A, Hägg O, Smeets R, den Hollander M, Olsson L-E, Lundberg, M. Use of the PREPARE (PREhabilitation, Physical Activity and exeRcisE) program to improve outcomes after lumbar fusion surgery for severe low back pain: a study protocol of a person-centred randomised controlled trial. BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2016;17(1):349

III. Lotzke H, Jakobsson M, Gutke A, Hagströmer M, Brisby H, Hägg O, Smeets R, Lundberg M. Patients with severe low back pain exhibit a low level of physical activity before lumbar fusion surgery: a cross-sectional study. BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2018; 19(1):365

IV. Lotzke H, Brisby H, Gutke A, Hägg O, Jakobsson M, Smeets R, Lundberg M. A Person-Centered Prehabilitation Program Based on Cognitive-Behavioral Physical Therapy for Patients Scheduled for Lumbar Fusion Surgery – A Randomized Controlled Trial. Submitted
Date of Defence: 2019-01-18
Disputation: Fredagen den 18 januari 2019, kl 13.00, sal 2118, Hälsovetarbacken, Arvid Wallgrens Backe, hus 2, plan 1, Göteborg
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine)
Publication type: Doctoral thesis
Keywords: chronic low back pain
cognitive behavioural approach
lumbar fusion surgery
physical activity
person-centred care
Abstract: Introduction: Low back pain is a frequently reported symptom and has turned into a global problem. For people with severe chronic low back pain, spinal fusion surgery can be a treatment option. The outcome of fusion surgery is not always successful and some patients report having a low quality of life after surgery. The overall purpose of this thesis was to develop and evaluate a prehabilitation programme for patients scheduled for lumbar fusion surgery. In addition, the aim was to investig... more
ISBN: 978-91-7833-267-0 (PRINT)
978-91-7833-268-7 (PDF)
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