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dc.type.svepartistic work
dc.contributor.creatorSkogh, Carl-Johan
dc.contributor.creatorSundin, Maria
dc.contributor.creatorWulff, Angela
dc.contributor.creatorSundell, Kristina ”Snuttan”
dc.contributor.creatorMartins Holmberg, Ingrid
dc.contributor.creatorKällbom, Arja
art.typeOfWorkDesign and Sustainable Product Developmentsv
art.relation.publishedInLövsta Future Challenge – Miljösmart Hindersv
art.description.workIncludedVisualizations of various design solutions and two jumping obstacles produced and used at internationally renowned
art.description.projectSee attached PDFsv
art.description.summaryThe Ecoestrian jumping obstacle was a collaboration between four senior researchers; Maria Sundin (Senior Lecture at the department of Physics, University of Gothenburg), Angela Wulff (Professor at the Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg), Kristina Sundell (Professor at the Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg) and Ingrid Martins Holmberg (Senior Lecture at the Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg), Arja Källbom (Building Conservator) and Carl-Johan Skogh (Senior Lecture in Design at the Department of design, Academy of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg). Thru the project leader Maria Sundin and her fellow partners, all with an interest in the field of equestrian culture, we got invited to participate in the Lövsta Future Challenge competition ( The task was to develop and present a sustainable jumping obstacle that would be presented and used at the Gothenburg Horse Show 2017 ( By mixing recycled material with new research of oyster based composite material and natural dying the design solution provided a new way of presenting and constructing jumping obstacle in a professional setting. The name “Ecoestrian” became as a word game between the words “ecologic” and “equestrian”. During 2017 the project has developed and was presented with a new design solution as “the Ecoestrian Herald” at the Longines FEI European Championship in
art.description.supportedBySWT Development, Lövsta Future Challenge, the Swedish Equestrian Federation and Got Event ABsv

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