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Exaptation of the Nominal ŭ-Declension in Old Church Slavonic

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Title: Exaptation of the Nominal ŭ-Declension in Old Church Slavonic
Authors: Gutsjö, Ann-Charlotte
Issue Date: 2017
Extent: 131 s.
Publication type: licentiate thesis
Organization: Department of Languages and Literatures. University of Gothenburg
Keywords: Old Church Slavonic
Abstract: The aim of this thesis is to study six substantives that specialists agree belong to the ŭ-declension, and two substantives they agree belong to the o-declension, in order to find out more about the interplay between the two declensions in Old Church Slavonic. This is a period when it is difficult to say if some substantives were ŭ-stem substantives confused with o-declension case endings, or o-stem substantives influenced by the ŭ-declension case endings. 15 biblical and five non-biblical sourc... more
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