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Phenotypic and Genotypic responses in the planktonic diatom Skeletonema marinoi - Effects of Natural Processes and Anthropogenic Stressors

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Title: Phenotypic and Genotypic responses in the planktonic diatom Skeletonema marinoi - Effects of Natural Processes and Anthropogenic Stressors
Authors: Gross, Susanna
Issue Date: 6-Nov-2017
University: Göteborgs universitet. Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten
Institution: Department of Marine Sciences ; Institutionen för marina vetenskaper
Parts of work: I. Gross S., Kourtchenko O., Rajala T., Andersson B., Fernandez L., Blomberg A., Godhe A. (in press). Optimization of a high-throughput phenotyping method for chain-forming phytoplankton species. Limnol. Oceanogr. Methods

II. Töpel M., Gross S., de Wit P., Rajala T., Kourtchenko O., Tesson S., Andersson B., Almstedt A., Axelson-Fisk M., Nilsson S., Fernandez L., Ellegaard M., Joest Andersen T., Nordberg K., Clarke A., Blomberg A., Johannesson K., Godhe A. Evolution of a key phytoplankton species to anthropogenic stress: evidence from revived strains accumulated in fjord sediments over the last century. Manuscript

III. Gross S., Kourtchenko O., Montresor M., Benvenuto G., Tesson S., Johansson E., Godhe A. Natural preservation – the resting stage of the chain forming marine diatom Skeletonema marinoi. Manuscript

IV.Sjöqvist C., Kremp A., Lindehoff E., Båmstedt U., Egardt J., Gross S., Jönsson M., Larsson H., Pohnert G., Selander E. 2014. Effects of grazer presence on genetic structure of a phenotypically diverse diatom population. Microb. Ecol., 67: 83-95.

V. Godhe A., Sjöqvist C., Sildever S., Sefbom J., Harðardóttir S., Bertos‐Fortis M., Bunse C., Gross S., Johansson E., Jonsson P R., Khandan S., Legrand C., Lips I., Lundholm N., Rengefors K E., Sassenhagen I., Suikkanen S., Sundqvist L., Kremp A. 2016. Physical barriers and environmental gradients cause spatial and temporal genetic differentiation of an extensive algal bloom. J. Biogeogr., 43: 1130–1142.

Date of Defence: 2017-11-24
Disputation: Fredagen den 24 november 2017, kl. 10.00, Hörsalen i Botanhuset, Carl Skottsbergs gata 22 B.
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
Publication type: Doctoral thesis
Keywords: diatoms
resting cell
spring bloom
Abstract: Diatoms are one of the most diverse and abundant phytoplankton taxa and are highly important as primary producers, accounting for nearly half of the marine primary production and constituting the base in the marine food web. Despite their high dispersal potential they are genetically diverse and display genetically structured populations. The high genetic diversity enables quick adaption to changes in the environment. The ocean is a dynamic habitat, changing rapidly in e.g. temperature, nutrie... more
ISBN: 978-91-629-0324-4 (Print)
978-91-629-0325-1 (PDF)
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