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The effect of tobacco exposure on bone healing and the osseointegrationof dental implants

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Title: The effect of tobacco exposure on bone healing and the osseointegrationof dental implants
Authors: Sayardoust, Shariel
Issue Date: 17-May-2017
University: University of Gothenburg. Sahlgrenska Academy
Institution: Institute of Clincial Sciences. Department of Biomaterials
Parts of work: I. Sayardoust S et al. Implant survival and marginal bone loss at turned and oxidized implants in periodontitis-susceptible smokers and never-smokers: a retrospective, clinical, radio-graphic case-control study. J Periodontol 2013; 84:1775-1782

II. Sayardoust S, Omar O, Thomsen P. Gene expression in peri-implant crevicular fluid of smokers and non-smokers. 1. The early phase of osseointegration. Clin Implant Dent Relat Res 2017

III. Sayardoust S, Omar O, Norderyd O, Thomsen P. Clinical, radiological and gene expression analyses in smoker and non-smokers. 2. The late healing phase of osseointegration. Submitted for publication

IV. Sayardoust S*, Omar O*, Norderyd O, Thomsen P. Implant-associated gene expression in the jawbone of smokers and non-smokers. A human study using quantitative qPCR. In manuscript.
Date of Defence: 2017-06-08
Disputation: Torsdagen den 8 juni 2017, kl 9.00, Hörsal Arvid Carlsson, Academicum, Medicinaregatan 3, Göteborg
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine)
Publication type: Doctoral thesis
Keywords: crevicular fluid
dental implants
gene expression
implant surfaces
implant survival
marginal bone loss
resonance frequently analysis
Abstract: Background: The mechanisms behind the impact of smoking on osseointegration are not fully understood. Aim: To correlate the clinical and molecular aspects of osseointegration in smokers compared with non-smokers. Methodology: Study I: In a retrospective cohort study of smokers and nonsmokers, the 5-years implant survival and marginal bone loss (MBL) of machined and oxidized implants, were assessed. Studies II and III: In a prospective controlled study, smokers (n=16) and non-smokers (n=16)... more
ISBN: 978-91-629-0145-5 (PRINT)
978-91-629-0146-2 (PDF)
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