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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Oct-2015The Pace of Life of Juvenile Brown Trout - Inter- and Intra-individual Variation in Growth and BehaviourNäslund, Joacim
5-Oct-2015Ecophysiology of Polar Sea Ice Microorganisms in a Changing WorldTorstensson, Anders
24-Sep-2015Skötsel av ekblandskogar: naturvårdsgallring och respons hos träd och buskarLeonardsson, Jenny
24-Sep-2015Equilibrium statistics of channel-confined DNAWerner, Erik
23-Sep-2015Topics on Harmonic analysis and Multilinear AlgebraHormozi, Mahdi
18-Sep-2015Terahertz radiation as a pump and probe for studying low frequency vibrations in proteinsLundholm, Ida
15-Sep-2015Inhibition of the mevalonate pathway in C. elegans: Consequences and implicationsRanji, Parmida
14-Sep-2015Ion Transport in Chloroplasts with Role in Regulation of PhotosynthesisHerdean, Andrei
9-Sep-2015Characterization of Amino Acid tRNA Ligases using the Analytical UltracentrifugeLundvik, Lars
7-Sep-2015Strong-Field Photodetachment of Negative Ions – Orbital Alignment Effects and Tomographic Imaging of PhotoelectronsEklund, Mikael
7-Sep-2015Mass spectrometry based analysis of drugs, neurotransmitters and lipids in invertebrate model systemsPhan, Nhu TN
4-Sep-2015Dispersal of Microalgae- the role of Biological and Physical BarriersSefbom, Josefin
3-Sep-2015Carbonaceous Aerosol in Europe - out of the woods and into the blue?Bergström, Jan Robert
2-Sep-2015Calibration of medical displaysSund, Patrik
28-Aug-2015Colour signalling in widowbirds and bishopsNinnes, Calum Edward
Aug-2015Handbok i kallmurningLilja, Joakim; Hantverkslaboratoriet
22-May-2015Summer Climate Variability during the Past 1200 Years in Central Scandinavia – A Tree-Ring PerspectiveZhang, Peng
18-May-2015The influence of atmospheric circulation and meteorology on urban air pollution and pollen exposureGrundström, Maria
11-May-2015Biomarkers for assessing benthic pollution impacts in a subtropical estuary, MozambiqueScarlet, Maria Perpétua Janeiro
8-May-2015Topics in convex and mixed binary linear optimizationGustavsson, Emil
Showing results 1 to 20 of 399



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