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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Aug-2015Colour signalling in widowbirds and bishopsNinnes, Calum Edward
Aug-2015Handbok i kallmurningLilja, Joakim; Hantverkslaboratoriet
22-May-2015Summer Climate Variability during the Past 1200 Years in Central Scandinavia – A Tree-Ring PerspectiveZhang, Peng
18-May-2015The influence of atmospheric circulation and meteorology on urban air pollution and pollen exposureGrundström, Maria
11-May-2015Biomarkers for assessing benthic pollution impacts in a subtropical estuary, MozambiqueScarlet, Maria Perpétua Janeiro
8-May-2015Topics in convex and mixed binary linear optimizationGustavsson, Emil
7-May-2015Spin Torque and Spin Hall Nano-Oscillators with Single Magnetic LayersDürrenfeld, Philipp
7-May-2015Nanoparticles from shipping and road trafficWesterlund, Olof Jonathan
7-May-2015Energy Efficiency in Winter Road Maintenance - A Road Climatological PerspectiveNordin, Lina
5-May-2015Mathematical Reasoning - In physics and real-life contextJohansson, Helena
May-2015Tjära på trätakKällbom, Arja; Höglund, Sara; Hantverkslaboratoriet
29-Apr-2015Next-generation Molecular Systematics and Evolution: insights into MedicagoSousa, Filipe
29-Apr-2015Patterns of evolution in a young species, the Baltic seaweed Fucus radicansArdehed, Angelica
22-Apr-2015Adaptation and Protein Quality Control Under Metalloid StressIbstedt, Sebastian
Apr-2015Vedeldade bakugnarAndersson, Erik; Almevik, Gunnar; Hantverkslaboratoriet
31-Mar-2015Plant pathogen defense: Signalling, resistance and cell deathJohansson, Oskar
27-Mar-2015Plant aquaporin regulation: Structural and functional studies using diffraction and scattering techniquesJärvå, Michael
11-Mar-2015Shipworm ecology in Swedish coastal watersAppelqvist, Christin
Mar-2015Vattenglas- och silikatfärg. Historik, karakteristik och användningKällbom, Arja; Höglund, Sara; Hantverkslaboratoriet
Mar-2015LiehandbokenStenholm Jakobsen, Rune; Hantverkslaboratoriet
Showing results 1 to 20 of 385



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