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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Apr-2016C. elegans PAQR-2 ‒ A Regulator of Membrane HomeostasisSvensk, Emma
25-Apr-2016On the role of actin in yeast protein quality controlLarsson Berglund, Lisa
21-Apr-2016Spatiotemporal climate and atmospheric circulation variability in Asia inferred from tree ringsSeim, Andrea
6-Apr-2016Estimating the Air-Water Gas Transfer Velocity during Low Wind ConditionsFredriksson, Sam T.
23-Mar-2016The Extended Role of the Molecular Chaperone CCTSvanström, Andreas
18-Mar-2016Early Life History of the cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa - with implications for dispersalStrömberg, Susanna
11-Mar-2016Modelling of the daytime and night-time urban thermal environmentOnomura, Shiho
16-Feb-2016Migration in anadromous brown troutAldvén, David
15-Jan-2016Insights into Marine Fish Physiology in a Changing WorldBresolin de Souza, Karine
8-Jan-2016A Waterborne Colloidal Model System Consisting of Fluorinated Spheres Bearing Grafted PEG: Synthesis, Characterization and PropertiesUlama, Jeanette
2016Valvslagning – En handledning i tillämpad valvgeometriGöransson, Anders; Almevik, Gunnar
2016Crafting Cultural HeritagePalmsköld, Anneli; Rosenqvist, Johanna; Almevik, Gunnar; Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg
2016Timmerbyggnader - Tematiska undersökningar av traditionella timringsmetoderAndersson, Göran; Höglund, Sara; Blomberg, Anna; Linscott, Kina; Hantverkslaboratoriet
28-Dec-2015Leptin endocrinology and energy homeostasis in salmonidsJohansson, Marcus
9-Dec-2015Land use GHG emissions and mitigation options, simulated by CoupModelHe, Hongxing
27-Nov-2015Detecting and Identifying Solution-structural Change in Photoactive ProteinsBjörling, Alexander
20-Nov-2015Angular dynamics of small particles in fluidsEinarsson, Jonas
12-Nov-2015Tree stomatal regulation and water use in a changing climate - From tropical to boreal ecosystemsBerg Hasper, Thomas
6-Nov-2015Human Aquaporins: Production, Characterization and InteractionsSjöhamn, Jennie
6-Nov-2015Damage Segregation and Cellular Rejuvenation in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeMalmgren Hill, Sandra
Showing results 1 to 20 of 443



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