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Antiretroviral treatment of HIV-1 in the central nervous system

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Title: Antiretroviral treatment of HIV-1 in the central nervous system
Authors: Yilmaz, Aylin
Issue Date: 24-May-2007
University: Göteborg University. Sahlgrenska Academy
Institution: Inst of Biomedicine. Dept of Infectious Medicine
Parts of work: I. Yilmaz A, Ståhle L, Hagberg L, Svennerholm B, Fuchs D, Gisslén M. Cerebrospinal fluid and plasma HIV-1 RNA levels and lopinavir concentrations following lopinavir/ritonavir regimen. Scand J Infect Dis 2004, 36: 823-828.

II. Yilmaz A, Fuchs D, Hagberg L, Nillroth U, Ståhle L, Svensson JO, Gisslén M. Cerebrospinal fluid HIV-1 RNA, intrathecal immunoactivation, and drug concentrations after treatment with a combination of saquinavir, nelfinavir, and two nucleoside analogues: the M61022 study. BMC Infectious Diseases 2006, 6: 63.

III. Yilmaz A, Svennerholm B, Hagberg L, Gisslén M. Cerebrospinal fluid viral loads reach less than 2 copies/mL in HIV-1-infected patients with effective antiretroviral therapy. Antiviral Therapy 2006, 11:833-837.

IV. Yilmaz A, Price RW, Spudich S, Fuchs D, Hagberg L, Gisslén M. Persistent intrathecal immune activation in HIV-1-infected individuals on antiretroviral therapy. Submitted.
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Disputation: Torsdagen 14 juni, kl. 09.00, föreläsningssalen, Infektionskliniken, SU/Östra
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine)
Publication type: Doctoral thesis
Keywords: HIV-1
cerebrospinal fluid
antiretroviral treatment
IgG index
blood-brain barrier
albumin ratio
ultra-ultra sensitive PCR
Abstract: HIV-1 invades the central nervous system (CNS) early in the infectious course. It establishes a chronic progressive infection, and triggers an intrathecal immune response. If left untreated, a majority of patients will develop neurological complications, caused by opportunistic pathogens or HIV-1 itself. The most devastating manifestation of HIV-1 in the CNS is AIDS dementia complex (ADC), a subcortical dementia, occuring in about 20% of untreated patients. The incidence of neurological complica... more
ISBN: 978-91-628-7194-9
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