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X2001 Exposure Assesment in Epidemiology and Practice

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Title: X2001 Exposure Assesment in Epidemiology and Practice
Authors: Hagberg, Mats
Knave, Bengt
Lillienberg, Linnéa
Editors: Westberg, Håkan
Issue Date: 2001
Extent: 515 pages
Publication type: report
Publisher: Arbetslivsinstitutet
Series/Report no.: Arbete och Hälsa 2001:10
Abstract: This book contains the extended abstracts to the X2001 Conference on Exposure Assessment in Epidemiology and Practice in Göteborg, Sweden, June 10-13, 2001. The excellent work performed by the contributing scientists has made this book a first-class, up-to-date, state of the art review on what is known about exposure assessment today. The outstanding scientific quality of the extended abstracts was secured through the work of five international programme committees. The chairmen for the committe... more
ISBN: 91-7045-607-0
ISSN: 0346-7821
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