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Strandverket Vintersalong

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Title: Strandverket Vintersalong
Creator: Johnson, Leslie
Issue Date: 28-Nov-2015
Published in: Strandverket Konsthall, Marstrand Sweden
Publication type: artistic work
Keywords: Art exhibition
Summary: Strandverket is a private konsthall in Marstrand on Sweden’s west coast. Each year there is a curated exhibition in December. Four of my works were selected for the 2015 exhibition.
Description of project: Review of STRANDVERKET The winter salon exhibition at Strandverket has taken place annually for the past three years. This year’s guest curator, Nina Bondeson, curated an exhibition of primarily painting and drawing/printmaking. In contrast to this the works she selected from me are sculpture. The central work in my part of the exhibition is Totemistic—which is essentially a tree covered with handmade wooden objects. The objects ar... more
Description: Green curtain—mixed media sculpture, 120 x 100 cm. Expectation free—wood sculpture, 40 x 35 cm. Totemistic—wood assemblage, 380 x 50 cm. Necklace for a tree—wood assemblage, 450 cm. long
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