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The urban politics of sustaining growth: Sustainability governance in the Gothenburg metropolitan area

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Titel: The urban politics of sustaining growth: Sustainability governance in the Gothenburg metropolitan area
Författare: Tahvilzadeh, Nazem
Montin, Stig
Cullberg, Mikael
Utgivningsdatum: feb-2015
Omfång: 22 pages
Publikationstyp: report
Utgivare: School of Public Administration/Förvaltningshögskolan
Medverkande organisation: Göteborgs universitet
University of Gothenburg
Serie/rapport nr.: School of Public Administration Working Paper Series
Nyckelord: sustainable cities
city region
sustainability governance
social sustainability
Sammanfattning: Urban governance for sustainable development (SD) can in Sweden, for several reasons, be given a privileged position. By scrutinizing such a promise case, illustrated with a case study of a city regional collaborative governance process in 2002-2014 in the Gothenburg Metropolitan Area (GMA), the aim is to give insights on how city regional collaborative governance arrangements address SD and what story lines regarding SD are deployed. In GMA and its city regional body of governance, the narrati... mer
ISSN: 1651-5242
Övrig beskrivning: This working paper examines urban sustainability policy in the Gothenburg Region and how the local and regional actors in the Gothenburg Region have chosen to jointly define it. It is part of an international research project funded under the auspices of Mistra Urban Futures, Centre for Sustainable Urban Development ( The research project studies knowledge, governance and sustainable development policy in four cities: Manchester (UK), Capetown (South Africa), Kisumu (Kenya) and Gothenburg (Sweden). The overall purpose of the project is to generate knowledge, which can develop alternatives to current policies for a more sustainable society by adopting trans-disciplinary research strategies in which research and practice are closely linked.
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