Recent Submissions

  • Connecting Scandinavia through the Fehmarn Belt Link 

    Sandén Gustafsson, Henrik; Mickael, Briffaz; Kang, Lu; Darvey, Clément (2014-11-20)
    This paper concerns the forwarding company KDSB and their investigation of intermodal operational activities in the Northern part of Europe. Due to receiving new contracts by three customers in the Oresund area of ...
  • Establishing A Intermodal Freight Corridor 

    Chahuruva, Marvellous; Kingsley-Jones, Tristan; Tegneman, Oliver; Wang, Linkai; Zhu, Shengda (2014-10-20)
    This research paper is inspired by some our classmate’s work and also the overall trade relation between China and Taiwan. As China’s relevant policy, many Taiwanese companies are now investing in the southwest inland ...