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Model-Based Engineering for Embedded Systems in Practice

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Titel: Model-Based Engineering for Embedded Systems in Practice
Författare: Marko, Nadja
Liebel, Grischa
Sauter, Daniel
Lodwich, Aleksander
Tichy, Matthias
Leitner, Andrea
Hansson, Jörgen
Redaktörer: Staron, Miroslaw
Utgivningsdatum: 18-nov-2014
Publikationstyp: report
Medverkande organisation: University of Gothenburg
Serie/rapport nr.: Research reports in software engineering and management
Sammanfattning: Model-Based Engineering (MBE) aims at increasing the e↵ectiveness of engineering by using models as key artifacts in the development process. While empirical studies on the use and the e↵ects of MBE in industry generally exist, there is only little work targeting the embedded systems domain. We contribute to the body of knowledge with a study on the use and the assessment of MBE in that particular domain. Therefore, we collected quantitative data from 112 subjects, mostly professionals wor... mer
ISSN: 1654-4870
Samling:Research Reports in Software Engineering and Management



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