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Excited States in Negative Ions

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Title: Excited States in Negative Ions
Authors: Rohlén, Johan
Issue Date: 7-May-2014
University: University of Gothenburg. Faculty of Science
Institution: Department of Physics ; Institutionen för fysik
Parts of work: I. A. O. Lindahl, J. Rohlén, H. Hultgren, I. Yu. Kiyan, D. J. Pegg, C. W. Walter, and D. Hanstorp. Experimental Studies of Partial Photodetachment Cross Sections in K- Below the K(7 2P) Threshold. Physical Review A, 85:033415, 2012

II. A. O. Lindahl, J. Rohlén, H. Hultgren, D. J. Pegg, C. W. Walter, and D. Hanstorp. Observation of Thresholds and Overlapping Resonances Below the 10 2P1/2 and 2P3/2 Thresholds in the Photodetachment of Cs-. Physical Review A, 88:053410, 2013

III. A. O. Lindahl, J. Rohlén, H. Hultgren, I. Yu. Kiyan, D. J. Pegg, C. W. Walter, and D. Hanstorp. Threshold Photodetachment in a Repulsive Potential. Physical Review Letters, 108:033004, 2012

IV. J. Rohlén, A. O. Lindahl, H. Hultgren, R. D. Thomas, D. J. Pegg, and D. Hanstorp. Threshold Behaviour in Photodetachment into a Final State With Large Negative Polarizability. Submitted to Europhysics Letters

V. J. Rohlén, T. Leopold, J. Welander, R. D. Thomas, D. J. Pegg, and D. Hanstorp. A Field Ionizer for Photodetachment Studies of Negative Ions. Manuscript

VI. C. W. Walter, N. D. Gibson, D. J. Matyas, C. Crocker, K. A. Dungan, B. R. Matola, and J. Rohlén. A Promising Candidate for Laser Cooling of a Negative Ion: Observations of Bound-Bound Transitions in La-. Submitted to Physical Review Letters
Date of Defence: 2014-05-28
Disputation: Onsdagen den 28:e maj 2014, kl 9.00, Salen Euler, Matematikhuser, Chalmers tvärgata 3, Göteborg
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
Publication type: Doctoral thesis
Keywords: Negative Ions
Atomic Physics
Experimental Physics
Abstract: This thesis covers experimental studies of atomic negative ions with the main goal of increasing our fundamental understanding of these fragile quantum systems. Comparisons of measurements and calculations have been used to increase our understanding of these highly correlated, yet simple, systems. All the described studies in this thesis have investigated the photodetachment process, i.e. when a photon removes an electron from a negative ion. The measurements were mainly performed using a colli... more
ISBN: 978-91-628-9058-2
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