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Studies in Pest Control for Cultural Property

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Title: Studies in Pest Control for Cultural Property
Authors: Strang, Thomas
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2012
University: University of Gothenburg. Faculty of Science
Institution: Department of Conservation ; Institutionen för kulturvård
Parts of work: Strang T.J.K. 1992. A review of published temperatures for the control of pest insects in museums. Collection Forum, 8(2), pp. 41-67

Strang, Thomas J.K. The effect of thermal methods of pest control on museum collections. pp. 199-212 in 3rd International Conference on Biodeterioration of Cultural Property, 4-7 July, 1995, Bangkok,Thailand: Preprints. Bangkok: Organizing Committee of ICBCP-3, 1995

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Strang, T.J.K. Principles of heat disinfestation. Chapter 18, pp. 114-129 in Integrated Pest Management for Collections. Proceedings of 2001 A pest odyssey. Edited by H. Kingsley, D. Pinniger, A. Xavier-Rowe, P. Winsor. James & James, 2001, London. 150 pp. ISBN 1 902916-27-1

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Kigawa, R., Strang T., Hayakawa, N., Yoshida, N., Kimura, H. and Young, G. 2011. Investigation into effects of fumigants on proteinaceous components of museum objects (muscle, animal glue and silk) in comparison with other non-chemical pest eradicating measures. Studies in Conservation, 56:191-215
Date of Defence: 2013-01-25
Disputation: Guldhedsgatan 5A
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
Publication type: Doctoral thesis
Series/Report no.: Gothenburg Studies in Conservation
Keywords: pest control
cultural property
integrated pest management IPM
thermal control
Abstract: This volume considers discrete problems of protecting cultural property from pests and examines some of the solutions. Recent decades have seen a large change in how fumigants and pesticides are used in collections of cultural property. To reduce health hazards and deleterious interactions with materials, alternatives such as thermal treatment and controlled atmosphere fumigation have replaced applied residual chemicals and exposure to reactive gases in many applications. The shift has intro... more
ISBN: 978-91-7346-734-6
ISSN: 0284-6578
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