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New Age och pseudovetenskap i tidskriften Sans -en analys

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Title: New Age och pseudovetenskap i tidskriften Sans -en analys
Other Titles: New Age and Psuedo-science in Sans Magazine -an analysis
Authors: Lundmark, Linus
Issue Date: 26-Sep-2012
Degree: Student essay
Keywords: Sans
Social constructionism
new age
Abstract: Critique regarding religious practices has become more and more apparent in today's society. Sans magazine has become a voice in the Swedish debate regarding religions undertakings and have received opposition from various directions. As Sans magazine, issue no.1, is accused of being islamophobic, the critique is focused on the internal discourse within the atheist and agnostic society. As Sans issue no.2 came out, it did not focus on Islam or any of the abrahamic religions but instead it discu... more
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