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Sveriges bostadsmarknad - Befinner vi oss i en prisbubbla?

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Title: Sveriges bostadsmarknad - Befinner vi oss i en prisbubbla?
Authors: Hägerdal, Astrid
Hallqvist, Gustav
Issue Date: 19-Jun-2012
Degree: Student essay
Series/Report no.: Nationalekonomiskt inriktning
Keywords: bostadsbubbla, prisbubbla, bostadsmarknad, prisutveckling, bolånetak, Stockholm, indikatorer
Abstract: This bachelor thesis aims to analyse the Swedish mortgage market and investigate whether it is in a current price bubble or not. Comparisons have been made with Denmark, a country with a market similar to Sweden’s, and where the mortgage market faced a price bubble that crashed in 2008. The housing market in Stockholm has been analysed as a separate market, as it differs from Sweden as a whole in prices and underlying factors to increased prices. The conclusion of this thesis is that not Sweden,... more
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