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From ‘tota’ to ‘sofa’: An intervention study of six children with phonological disorder

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Title: From ‘tota’ to ‘sofa’: An intervention study of six children with phonological disorder
Authors: Berntsson, Agneta
Palle, Nanna
Issue Date: 24-Jan-2012
Degree: Student essay
Series/Report no.: 2010:223
Keywords: fonologisk språkstörning
individuellt anpassad intervention
single-subject design
developmental phonological disorder
individually adjusted therapy
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate a commonly applied intervention model for treating phonological processes in Swedish pre-school children. Six children between 4;1 and 5;7 years old with similar developmental phonological disorder (PD) received an individually adjusted intervention including, to a varying extent, articulatory, phonological and meta-phonological approaches. The goal of intervention was to establish fricatives. A single-subject multiple-baseline design with /f/ a... more
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