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Chiral Lithium N,P-amide Complexes. Synthesis, Applications and Structural Studies by NMR and DFT.

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Title: Chiral Lithium N,P-amide Complexes. Synthesis, Applications and Structural Studies by NMR and DFT.
Authors: Rönnholm, Petra
Issue Date: 28-Nov-2011
University: University of Gothenburg. Faculty of Science
Parts of work: Petra Rönnholm, Mikael Södergren, Göran Hilmersson, Improved and Efficient Synthesis of Chiral N,P-Ligands via Cyclic Sulfamidates for Asymmetric Addition of Butyllithium to Benzaldehyde, Organic Letter, 2007, 9 (19), pp 3781–3783.

Petra Rönnholm, Göran Hilmersson, NMR studies of chiral lithium amides with phosphine chelating groups reveal strong Li-P-interactions in ethereal solvents. 2011, Arkivoc, WB-5911EP. 200-210.

Petra Rönnholm, Sten O. Nilsson Lill, Jürgen Gräfenstein, Per-Ola Norrby, Mariell Pettersson, Göran Hilmersson, Aggregation and Solvation of Chiral N,P-amide Ligands in Coordinating Solvents - A Computational and NMR Study, 2011. Submitted to European Journal of Organic Chemistry.

Petra Rönnholm, Jürgen Gräfenstein, Per-Ola Norrby, Göran Hilmersson, Sten O. Nilsson Lill. A Computational Study of the Enantioselective Addition of n-BuLi to Benzaldehyde in the Presence of a Chiral Lithium N,P-Amide, 2011. Submitted to Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry.

Petra Rönnholm, Sten O. Nilsson Lill, Tailored force field for lithium amides, 2011. Unpublished manuscript.
Date of Defence: 2011-12-21
Disputation: Onsdagen den 21 december 2011, kl 9.00, Hörsal KE, Institutionen för kemi, Kemigården 4, Kemigården 4, Göteborgs Universitet och Chalmers Tekniska Högskola, Göteborg
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
Publication type: Doctoral thesis
Keywords: 6Li NMR
Asymmetric synthesis
Molecular mechanics
Abstract: Enantiospecific synthesis reactions are of intense interest, owing to the increasing request for enantiopure compounds in both research and industry. Lithium amides containing a secondary chelating group are a class of powerful ligands for asymmetric addition reactions. Based on earlier experiences with lithium N,O and N,S amides, synthesis and properties of chiral lithium N,P amides and their use in asymmetric addition are investigated in the present thesis. Several chiral amines were s... more
ISBN: 978-91-7000-150-5
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