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Space for Urban Alternatives? CHRISTIANIA 1971-2011

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Title: Space for Urban Alternatives? CHRISTIANIA 1971-2011
Authors: Amouroux, Christa Simone
Bøggild, Signe Sophie
Lund Hansen, Anders
Hellström Reimer, Maria
Jarvis, Helen
Karpantschof, René
Nilson, Tomas
Starecheski, Amy
Thörn, Håkan
Wasshede, Cathrin
Editors: Thörn, Håkan
Wasshede, Cathrin
Nilson, Tomas
Illustrators: Robb, Leah
Issue Date: 2011
Extent: 364
Publication type: book
Publisher: Gidlunds förlag
Keywords: Freetown Christiania
urban movements
urban planning
Abstract: In 1971, a group of young people broke into a closed down military area in Copenhagen. It was located not more than a mile from the Royal Danish Palace and the Danish parliament. Soon, the media published images and reports from the proclamation of the Freetown Christiania, and people travelled from all over Europe to be part of the foundation of a new community. A 'Christiania Act' passed by a broad parliamentary majority in 1989 legalised the squat and made it possible to grant Christiania th... more
ISBN: 978-91-7844-830-2
Description: ERRATA -incorrect reference on page 351. The correct version; Tietjen, A, Riesto, S & Skov, P (eds) 2007, Forankring i forandring: Christiania og bevaring som ressource i byomdannelse, Arkitektskolen Aarhus, Aarhus.
CHAPTERS: Håkan Thörn, Cathrin Wasshede and Tomas Nilson Introduction: From ‘Social Experiment’ to ‘Urban Alternative’ — 40 Years of Research on the Freetown (p. 7-37); René Karpantschof Bargaining and Barricades — the Political Struggle over the Freetown Christiania 1971–2011 (p. 38-67); Håkan Thörn Governing Freedom — Debating Christiania in the Danish Parliament (p. 68-97); Signe Sophie Bøggild Happy Ever After? The Welfare City in between the Freetown and the New Town (p. 98-131); Maria Hellström Reimer The Hansen Family and the Micro-Physics of the Everyday (p. 132-155); Helen Jarvis Alternative Visions of Home and Family Life in Christiania: Lessons for the Mainstream (p. 156-180); Cathrin Wasshede Bøssehuset — Queer Perspectives in Christiania (p. 181-204); Tomas Nilson ‘Weeds and Deeds’ — Images and Counter Images of Christiania and Drugs (p. 205-234); Christa Simone Amouroux Normalisation within Christiania (p. 235-262); Amy Starecheski Consensus and Strategy: Narratives of Naysaying and Yeasaying in Christiania’s Struggles over Legalisation (p. 263-287); Anders Lund Hansen Christiania and the Right to the City (p. 288-308)
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