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Seals and fisheries: a study of the conflict and some possible solutions

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Title: Seals and fisheries: a study of the conflict and some possible solutions
Authors: Königson, Sara
Issue Date: 8-Apr-2011
University: University of Gothenburg. Faculty of Science
Institution: Department of Marine Ecology ; Institutionen för marin ekologi
Parts of work: I Königson, S., Lundström, K., Hemmingsson, M., Lunneryd S-G., and Westerberg, H. 2006. Feeding Preferences of Harbour Seals (Phoca vitulina) Specialised in Raiding Fishing Gear. Aquatic Mammals 32 (2):152-156

II Königson, S., Hemmingsson, M., Lunneryd S-G., and Lundström, K. 2007. Seals and fyke nets: An investigation of the problem and its possible solution. Marine Biology Research 3: 29-36

III Lundström, K., Lunneryd, S., Königson, S., and Hemmingsson, M. 2011. Interactions between harbour seals and coastal fisheries along the Swedish west coast: an overview. Accepted to NAMMCO Scientific Publications 8: in press

IV Königson, S., Fjälling, A., and Lunneryd, S-G. 2007. Grey seal induced catch losses in the herring gillnet fisheries in the northern. NAMMCO Scientific publications 6: 203-213 ISBN 978-82-91578-19-4 ISSN 1560-2206

V Königson, S., Lunneryd, S-G., Berglind, M., and Fjälling, A. 2011. Male Grey seals specialize in raiding salmon traps. Manuscript

VI Königson, S., Lunneryd, S-G., Sundqvist, F., and Stridh, H. 2009. Grey Seal Predation in Cod Gillnet Fisheries in the Central Baltic Sea. Journal of Northwest Atlantic Fishery Science 42

VII Ovegård, M., Königson, S., Persson, A., and Lunneryd, S-G. 2010. Effects of escape windows on the capture of cod in floating pots. Fisheries Research 107, 1-3: 239-244

Date of Defence: 2011-04-29
Disputation: kl 10:00 Hörsalen, Botaniska institutionen, Göteborg
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
Publication type: Doctoral Theses
Keywords: seals and fisheries
grey seal, coastal fisheries, harbour seal, seal-safe fishing gear
Abstract: Interaction between seals and fisheries along the Swedish coast has serious environmental and economic consequences. This thesis describes the conflict as it affects four different small-scale coastal fisheries; the eel fisheries on the west coast, the herring fisheries and salmon fisheries in the northern Baltic and the cod fisheries in the central Baltic. Knowledge gained through studies of the interaction between seals and fisheries has been instrumental for the development of alternative sea... more
ISBN: 91-89677-48-X
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