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Radiobiological effects of alpha-particles from Astatine-211: From DNA damage to cell death

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Title: Radiobiological effects of alpha-particles from Astatine-211: From DNA damage to cell death
Authors: Claesson, Kristina
Issue Date: 26-May-2011
University: University of Gothenburg. Sahlgrenska Academy
Institution: Institute of Clincial Sciences. Department of Oncology
Parts of work: I Claesson K, Stenerlöw B, Jacobsson L and Elmroth K. Relative Biological Effectiveness of the 3-Particle Emitter 211At for Double-Strand Break Induction in Human Fibroblasts. Radiation Research 2007; 167, 312-318.

II Claesson K, Magnander K, Kahu K, Lindegren S, Hultborn R and Elmroth K. RBE of 3- Particles from 211At for Complex DNA Damage and Cell Survival in Relation to Cell Cycle Position. International Journal of Radiation Biology 2011; 87, 372-384.

III Claesson K, Nordén Lyckesvärd M, Magnander K, Lindegren S and Elmroth K. Double-Strand Break Repair and Cell Cycle Arrest Activation in Stationary and Cycling Diploid Cells Irradiated with High- and Low-LET Radiation. Manuscript.

IV Claesson K, Nordén Lyckesvärd M, Magnander K, Delle U and Elmroth K. Effects on Micronuclei Formation and Growth Kinetics in Normal Fibroblasts after Irradiation with Alpha Particles and X rays: Differential Response in Stationary and Cycling Cell Cultures. Manuscript
Date of Defence: 2011-05-27
Disputation: Fredagen den 27 Maj 2011, kl. 13.00, Hörsal Förmaket, Vita stråket 12
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
Publication type: Doctoral thesis
Abstract: ABSTRACT In recent years, the use of high linear energy transfer (LET) radiation for radiotherapeutic applications has gained increased interest. Astatine-211 (211At) is an -particle emitting radionuclide, promising for targeted radioimmunotherapy of isolated tumor cells and microscopic clusters. To improve development of safe radiotherapy using 211At it is important to increase our knowledge of the radiobiological effects in cells. During radiotherapy, both tumors and adjacent normal tis... more
ISBN: 978-91-628-8270-9
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