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Vad händer med subjektstvånget? Om det-inledda satser utan subjekt

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Title: Vad händer med subjektstvånget? Om det-inledda satser utan subjekt
Authors: Engdahl, Elisabet
Issue Date: 2010
Publication type: article, peer reviewed scientific
Publisher: Språk & stil NF 20, 2010
Organization: University of Gothenburg/Department of Swedish Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för svenska språket
Keywords: expletive subject
formal subject
subject requirement
tough movement
Abstract: Grammatical descriptions of contemporary Swedish normally state that Swedish has a strong subject requirement: finite clauses (except imperatives and conjoined clauses) must contain an overt subject. If the clause lacks a referential subject, the expletive det is inserted either in initial position, e.g. the so-called fundament, or in the subject position following the main verb in a matrix clause. In this article, a new clause type is presented and analyzed. The initial det in examples such... more
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