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3D Visualization of Complex Software Models: Practical use and Limitations

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Title: 3D Visualization of Complex Software Models: Practical use and Limitations
Authors: Alvergren, Joacim
Granqvist, Jonatan
Issue Date: 24-Sep-2010
Degree: Kandidatuppsats
Bachelor thesis
Series/Report no.: Report/Department of Applied Information Technology
Keywords: 3D Visualization
Model Comprehension
Software Visualization
Abstract: Model Driven Development is becoming a popular methodology when developing large software systems. 3D visualizations has been proposed as an aid for the developers trying to comprehend large amounts of complex diagrams present in model driven development. But how effective is it in practice, and how will it scale when applied on large complex system? The purpose of this study is to validate if 3D visualization increases comprehensibility of large, complex diagrams and to explore what lim... more
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