Editor: Ida Östenberg, Marja Sjöberg

Theses and other studies in History, Classical archaeology and Ancient history from the Department of Historical Studies, University of Gothenburg

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Recent Submissions

  • The birds in the Iliad. Identities, interactions and functions 

    Johansson, Karin (2012-01-04)
    As the topic of this study embraces and entwines what is routinely divided into two separate categories, “nature” and “culture”, the birds in the Iliad challenge modern scientific division and in some ways, our thinking. ...
  • In search of Dionysos. Reassessing a Dionysian context in early Rome 

    Håkansson, Carina (2010-05-18)
    In the present study the possibility of an early appearance of the god Dionysos and his sphere in archaic Rome, in the decades around 500 BC, will be examined. In early scholarship, rooted in the 19th century, the phenomenon ...