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Välfärdssektorns projektifiering kortsiktiga lösningar av långsiktiga problem?

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Title: Välfärdssektorns projektifiering kortsiktiga lösningar av långsiktiga problem?
Authors: Abrahamsson, Agneta
Agevall, Lena
Issue Date: 2009
Journal Title: Kommunal ekonomi och politik
ISSN: 1402-8714
Volume: 13
Issue: 4
Start Page: 35
End Page: 60
Publication type: article, peer reviewed scientific
Publisher: Kommunforskning i Västsverige
Organization: Högskolan Kristianstad
Växjö universitet
Keywords: Samarbete
Offentlig sektor
New Public Management
Abstract: In this article we use two immigrant projects to identify similarities and consequences in order to discuss and analyse outwarding collaborative projects in human service organizations as a tool for change. The heavy use of projects in a slimmed public sector originates from projects contradictory promises of flexibility and effectiveness in the New Public Management context. Usually projects are used as a way to get more resources to long-term needs but are seldom implemented as planned in the... more
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