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Promoting dietary change. Intervening in school and recognizing health messages in commercials

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Title: Promoting dietary change. Intervening in school and recognizing health messages in commercials
Authors: Prell, Hillevi
Issue Date: 19-Apr-2010
University: Göteborgs universitet. Utbildningsvetenskapliga fakulteten
University of Gothenburg. Faculty of Education
Institution: Department of Food, Health and Environment ; Institutionen för mat, hälsa och miljö
Parts of work: I. Prell, H. (2002). Att undersöka ungdomars attityder till skollunchen med fokusgrupper [Using focus groups to examine adolescents’ attitudes towards the school lunch]. In: Shanahan, H., & Ellegård, K., (Eds.) Kreativa metoder inom konsumentforskning i empirisk belysning [Creative methods in consumer research in an empirical light] (Forskningsrapport 32), p. 91-103. Göteborg: Institutionen för hushållsvetenskap, Göteborgs universitet.

II. Prell, H., Berg, C., & Jonsson, L. (2002). Why don’t adolescents eat fish? Factors influencing fish consumption in school. Scandinavian Journal of Nutrition, 46, 184-191.

III. Prell, H., Berg, C., Jonsson, L., & Lissner, L. (2005). A school-based intervention to promote dietary change. Journal of Adolescent Health, 36, 529.e15-529.e22.

IV. Kelly, B., Halford, J. C. G., Boyland, E. J., Chapman, K. Bautista-Castaño,I., Berg, C., Caroli, M., Cook, B., Coutinho, J. G., Effertz, T., Grammatikaki, E., Keller, K., Leung, R., Manios, Y., Monteiro, R., Pedley, C., Prell, H., Raine, K., Recine, E., Serra-Majem, L., Singh, S., & Summerbell, C. Television food advertising to children: a global perspective. Accepted for publication in American Journal of Public Health.

V. Prell, H., Palmblad, E., Lissner, L., & Berg, C. Health discourse in Swedish television food advertising during children’s peak viewing times. Submitted.
Date of Defence: 2010-05-07
Disputation: Fredagen den 7 maj 2010, kl. 9.15, Margareta Huitfeldts Auditorium, Pedagogen hus C, Läroverksgatan 5
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
Publication type: Doctoral thesis
Series/Report no.: Gothenburg Studies in Educational Sciences
Keywords: health promotion
dietary intervention
food choice
school lunch
home and consumer studies
fish consumption
television food advertising
health discourse
Abstract: The purpose of this thesis was to examine influences on dietary change among children and adolescents with particular emphasis on individual factors, the school setting and food marketing. The Theory of Planned Behaviour was used to develop a controlled school-based intervention with a focus on fish among 8th grade pupils in the Gothenburg area. Factors influencing fish consumption in school were studied by means of focus group discussions in a school class (n=23) and a questionnaire at two scho... more
ISBN: 978-91-7346-677-6
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