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Carbon Dynamics in Northern Marginal Seas

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Title: Carbon Dynamics in Northern Marginal Seas
Authors: Hjalmarsson, Sofia
Issue Date: 27-Nov-2009
University: University of Gothenburg. Faculty of Science
Institution: Department of Chemistry ; Institutionen för kemi
Parts of work: I. Hjalmarsson, S., Wesslander, K., Anderson, L.G., Omstedt, A., Perttilä, M., Mintrop, L. (2008). Distribution, long-term development and mass balance calculation of total alkalinity in the Baltic Sea. Continental Shelf Research, vol. 28, 593-601.

II. Hjalmarsson, S., Anderson, L.G., She, J. (2009). The exchange of dissolved inorganic carbon between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea in 2006 based on measured data and water transport estimates from a 3D model. resubmitted after revision to Marine Chemistry

III. Hjalmarsson, S., Chierici, M., Anderson, L.G. (2009). Carbon dynamics in a productive coastal region – Skagerrak. submitted to Journal of Marine Systems

IV. Anderson, L.G., Jutterström, S., Hjalmarsson, S., Wåhlström, I., Semiletov, I. (2009). Out-gassing of CO2 from Siberian Shelf seas by terrestrial organic matter composition. Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 36, L20601.

V. Anderson, L.G., Tanhua, T., Björk, G., Hjalmarsson, S., Jones, E.P., Jutterström, S., Rudels, B., Swift, J.H., Wåhlström, I. (2009) Arctic Ocean Shelf – basin interaction, an active continental shelf CO2 pump and its impact on degree of calcium carbonate solubility. submitted to Deep Sea Research
Date of Defence: 2009-12-18
Disputation: Fredagen den 18 december 2009, kl 10.15, sal KA, kemigården 4.
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
Publication type: Doctoral thesis
Keywords: dissolved inorganic carbon
total alkalinity
continental shelf pump
marginal seas
Baltic Sea
Laptev Sea
East Siberian Sea
Chukchi Sea
Abstract: The marginal seas have, despite their relatively small area, an important role in the global carboncycle. They are largely influenced by carbon and nutrient fluxes from land and a large part of the biological production occurs in the marginal seas. The carbon dynamic in two shelf areas – The Baltic Sea System (the Baltic Sea, the Kattegat and the Skagerrak) and the Siberian Shelf Seas (the Laptev Sea, the East Siberian Sea and the Chukchi Sea) has been studied in this thesis. Results from a st... more
ISBN: 978-91-628-7985-3
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