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Negotiating about lexical meanings

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Title: Negotiating about lexical meanings
Authors: Engdahl, Elisabet
Norén, Kerstin
Issue Date: 2009
Publication type: conference poster
Organization: University of Gothenburg. Department of Swedish
Citation: In Kanzaki, Kyoko, Pierrette Bouillon & Laurence Danlos (eds.) Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Generative Approaches to the Lexicon, Paris
Keywords: generative lexicon
Abstract: One central issue in the generative lexicon approach is how to account for the context dependence of certain aspects of the meanings of lexical items. Pustejovsky (1995, 2005), Ginzburg (to appear) and Ginzburg and Cooper (2004) exemplify how the interpretation of lexical items is influenced by the context of use. An interesting source of data comes from conversations in which the participants spontaneously comment on the appropriateness, or lack of appropriateness, of a particular wo... more
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