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The Swedish Summer Institute 2004 - Learners for Change

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Title: The Swedish Summer Institute 2004 - Learners for Change
Authors: Gustafsson, Magnus
Rurling, Åsa
Ekman, Per
Issue Date: 2004
Publication type: report
Publisher: Rådet för högre utbildning
Abstract: The objective of this report is to account for some of the factors that affected the delivery of the Summer Institute 2004 and to document some of the ideas and issues that we seek to pursue during the Summer Institute process. The report therefore, accounts for the planning stage during 2003 and spring 2004 as well as the actual delivery June 6 – 11, 2004. As one of the additions to the Summer Institute 2004 was to introduce a second meeting after the fall term, this report also offers a b... more
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